Bronze sculptures by South African artist Niël Jonker | Bronze sculptures created at Niel Jonker's Baardskeerdersbos art studio

Niël Jonker
bronze sculpture

"Sculptural portraiture'"

Little of my output is commission based, with my focus remaining on figurative observations from life and casting these in bronze. With portraiture slowly growing into a more substantial part of my work and during 2015 coming into its own, I have started accepting more commissions from collectors that specifically require my approach and style. Enquire here


Friends - sculptural portraits of fellow creatives  Friends - sculptural portraits of fellow creatives

Comprising small full-length figures that reflect gestural character, as well as life-size busts, these white sculptures are rendered in various media from candle wax to white cement. Much like painting outdoors offers endless logistical challenges, this project is also calling on new demands such as working outdoors and in living spaces. And much flexibility is required when considering my friends limited experience in modelling.

Friends - sculptural portraits of fellow creatives   Friends - sculptural portraits of fellow creatives

Sometimes these sessions have been wild, such as this bust of a musician with a speaker very close by and very loud. Moments of tension and wonder alternate freely in this impromptu method of practice, always offering suprising results.

Working direct from the subject allows for long moments of reflection and discussion on the nature of the gaze. These sessions have been most rewarding for me and I believe for the subjects too. A type of therapy session. Anyway, it beats just chatting over a cup of tea.


The Absa Cape Epic commissioned Niël Jonker to create the bronze trophy for the winning team. The slideshow below displays some of the processes involved in casting bronze sculpture by using the Absa Cape Epic trophy as example.

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Bronze sculpture artist Niel Jonker has been especially selected due to the similarities between his sensibility and ability to work on location, thus complimenting this unique MTB racing event staged in the same wild and magical landscape. Man and nature work in tandem through a creative process that calls for endurance, humility before the natural elements, and being willing to embrace whatever arises in the path. Jonker's bronze sculpture and landscape painting captures emotion and spirit of place, now captured in the Absa Cape Epic trophy.

Niël presenting the Emeritus Archbishop Desmond Tutu with his 80th birthday present.

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