Niël Jonker Spring 2009

Curiously, the mind never ceases to amaze me, and practicing an art form such as sculpture provides generous opportunity to be amazed in new ways. Was it a press photograph or a news report? Is this a feeling or a thought, or both? What am I saying?

Art can bring about some seriously confounding feelings, and while working through some intense emotions in my sketch book, a regular insight that emerges is that my bright idea may be nothing new!
Mental mash potatoes with funny looking stew!

By the time I realized what the emerging image was, it was too late. Of course! It’s the Arch. Icon of our era; spiritual leader and activist personified. Emeritus Archbishop Desmond Tutu collapsing at the TRC all those years ago, and the image had been lurking there beneath my subconscious all this time.
While working through my own emotions, dwelling on the nature of defeat and the elusive meaninglessness (is that a word?!) of life, an image had emerged that is far stronger than anything I could ever have invented myself. Beginning the modeling process, I continued to simmer in the strong emotions while navigating the reference through form, and discovered a depth of possibility previously unseen.

Now with the release of the second and revised edition of bronzes titled “Weary at the Truth”, carrying the personal blessing of the archbishop himself, I continue to be haunted by lingering flavours and feelings…

Friends in Gauteng are invited to join me in Pretoria at an exciting new venue for a comprehensive show of my painting and sculpture of the past three years. This exhibition of over thirty works draws a golden thread from the early still life studies that continue to serve as basic training, through the figurative bronzes and more recently, landscape paintings at the feet of the great master, Nature.

"SOLITUDE & things collected", Kraalstudio, 364 Milner Street, Waterkloof, is the home of rare collectables, and paintings by Rose McCullough and Niël Jonker.
Call Hanlie for directions or details 0824646767, and please join us for drinks and more at 12h00 on Saturday 29 August.

A very new and unprecedented season of possibility dawns as Gabbi and I will bring our firstborn baby into our world in October. Through all the nesting, gathering of gear, and birthing books, this simple and powerful miracle proceeds with grace and determination. Smells, songs, and surprises wait on our stoep where a further exciting development has been taking place. The near completion of a 2x3m wood-fired brick oven heralds a whole new chapter in my breadmaking adventure that I simply cannot wait to share with you. Watch this space…

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Future exhibitions

28 August 2009
"SOLITUDE & things collected"
Kraalstudio, Pretoria

23-27 September 2009
"Foundryman's Choice"
Cultivaria Festival, Paarl

26 & 27 September 2009
"Baardskeerdersbos Art Route"
Southern Overberg

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